• Michael Valdes

Aaron Kirman, CNBC’s star of “Listing Impossible” & President of the Estates Division at Compass.

Aaron Kirman is arguably one of the most successful real estate professionals in our industry having sold over $7 billion to date, yet his early start was very humble. He shared with me that he had a learning disability growing up and struggled because of that. It wasn't until he found real estate at 18 that he discovered he could be his boss, and he reveled in it.

However, he didn't start out selling multi-million dollar properties. He began very modestly selling $200-300k homes in the Valley and trying to carve out a living. The one thing he truly possessed was ambition. When someone called him for a specific architectural home, he took the challenge head-on even though he had never heard of the architect. To his surprise, he found a home that fit the bill, called the client, and he purchased it immediately. That particular client was very influential in the fashion, art, and celebrity worlds, and Aaron credits him for helping launch his career into the luxury market.

He has looked back since. He has grown his team to 90 people and 12 assistants and handles the top global clients at the very highest levels. When I asked him about his most memorable sale, he mentioned two. The first was a $65 million tear down in Beverly Hills for the sheer size, price, and scope of work, and the second was a $1 million sale to a family that became emotional. It brought him back to the roots of why he entered the business in the first place, and he said it felt incredible to be a small part of a milestone in someone's life.

When I asked him the advice he would give to someone wanting to break into the luxury real estate, he offered the following:

1) Run your business like a company. We keep hearing this piece of advice from so many guests, but it cannot be overstated enough. You are the CEO of your own company.

2) Think outside the box. Be Unique. There are over 3 million real estate agents in this country. Find a niche and excel at it.

3) Create goals. -- Make sure you have achievable goals and track them

4) The only way to grow is to GROW!

The last one he certainly takes to heart. He says he sees himself as having no clients. The moment you become complacent, you are out of business. "If I'm not in front of someone's face, someone else will be.", he professes.

Aaron says the greatest lesson he has learned thus far is that life changes, and you need to change with it. "I have seen the richest people become poor; the poorest people become rich. You need to be prepared for everything that life gives you and adapt with it".

He has created the "Kirman Charity Fund" to help others in need. He has learned that the more you give, the more you get.

Thank you, Aaron, for your leadership in our industry and for the way you look at humanity. I know this will be the start of a wonderful friendship.


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