• Michael Valdes

Amir Korangy, "Reinvention is a must", Founder, Chairman, Publisher at The Real Deal.

When Amir told me he was a fan of the "Global Luxury Real Estate Mastermind", I was simply floored. Here was a man who is the publisher of our real estate industry "bible". The Real Deal is so incredibly benevolent and humble towards me.

His family escaped Iran and emigrated to Europe, and the spirit of being displaced is what gave him this great drive. Amir is the greatest believer in himself, and it has always served him well. His early days into publishing happened when he lived in Baja and noticed there was no publication for the large number of expats living in that Southern part of Mexico, so he started, "South of the Border". Later he moved to DC and started "The Washington Free Press" which challenged conservative views in this town.

He came to New York in 1999 and started working for Yahoo and finding a niche in real estate. He began purchasing properties in Brooklyn but marketing them in Manhattan to a clientele willing to pay a healthy premium. He learned the importance of real estate and selling to the right audience.

He started The Real Deal shortly thereafter as a response to having all the deals in commercial, residential, and retail come together in one source of news. It became a brilliant decision as a consolidator of information. During the last two decades, Amir has been able to have versions of the publication in Las Vegas and Los Angeles as well.

Amir met Costas Kondylis, the famed architect that has done more than 80 buildings along the New York skyline, and he decided to produce a documentary on him which was later sold to PBS.

When I asked him what the greatest lesson he ever learned in his career was, he answered without hesitation: "Believe in yourself". Indeed!

He is also an adjunct professor in real estate and media and always invites guests to speak to his students to take away real-life experience.

He says this current chapter in his book of life is called "Reinvention".


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