Bradley Bayou, Real Estate Developer, Interior Designer & Owner of Bradley Bayou Design:

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

I met him five years ago when he designed one of the rooms at the home showcase at Sotheby's Auction House in New York City. After meeting him for five minutes, we had an instant rapport, and he said, "Tour the showcase and try to pick my room.", he challenged. I saw his incredible aesthetic and instantly spotted the room that was chic and elegant which to me had his fingerprints on it. I was correct in my guess and we have been friends ever since.

Bradley is one of those rare individuals, which have to be called an "artist" in the truest sense of the word. He started his career as a fine artist, but his parents did not want him to attend art school, but rather find a profession that would be more streamlined.

Always following his creative side, he went to a party one night and had a hand-painted vest which he wore. "Everyone started asking me about the vest, and before you know it, I was showing at Neiman Marcus.", he starts. "It sort of snowballed from there". That fashion career found him with an extremely successful eponymous line that dressed celebrities like Oprah and Beyonce, and then he did a ready-to-wear line with QVC. Once he transitioned from there, he ended up being the Creative Director of Halston. His book, "The Science of Sexy" spoke about how to exude that confidence with your clothing no matter the price point.

Interior design was a natural progression for him from this point in his career. He now has clients all across the globe. When we were doing this interview he was designing a home for a client in Spain. As I mentioned with the Sotheby's home, Bradley has an eye that is elegant and chic. He wants the design to be the backdrop of the home and the people inhabiting the home to put their stamp on it. "The design should never overpower the home", he explains "it's about the people living in it, not the person who designed it".

He has also done over 30 real estate projects as a developer. His sense of functionality comes into play when he designs a home. He thinks about the way someone lives and then creates around that to deliver the ultimate space for the client.

One of the things that I truly admire about him is his attention to detail. I was fortunate enough to be invited to his 60th birthday party in Palm Springs which was a 60's theme. He had all guests dress in 60's outfits and the party became a movie set. He had rented the Dinah Shore estate and from the moment you arrived, you were in an active scene. He has hired over 150 "extras" and actors to be a part of the background and all the cars were from the '60s, etc. No detail was ever missed. As you walked into the house, every room had a different vignette which was representative of the time. "I wanted my guests to have an immersive experience", he says "I wanted them to be a part of what was happening around them"

He delivered that sense in spades. When you walked out, you had synchronized swimmers in the pool and Good Humor men giving out ice cream (of course in period outfit). The finale was incredible, where he had Diana Ross perform a private concert for 300 people for 40 minutes.

He says humbly, "You have to give the people what they want"

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