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Brent Gove, CEO of The Brent Gove Team at eXp Realty,:"Live by your calendar, not your emotions"

Brent Gove is arguably one of the most successful people in real estate. He has grown a team at eXp with over 20,000 people. He puts together masterminds where thousands will pay big money to attend, and he attracts the caliber of top-level speakers like Tony Robbins. However, his beginnings were humble. Even though his parents were both in the industry, Brent only sold three homes in his first six months in the business.

I used many adjectives to describe Brent throughout this interview. The first was MINDSET. I was at a recent mastermind that he hosted in Cabo with over 700 people in attendance, and someone in the audience who knew him when he was a teenager, recounted a story of Brent working as a dishwasher but listening to motivational tapes because his vision was to better himself. He jokes and says there was politics in the dish room because the other dishwashers picked on him for listening to the cassette tapes on my walkman.

He is a great history buff, and echoing this theme further, he tells the story of one of the men in history he most admires, and that is the man in Tiananmen Square who stopped the tanks from rolling forward with just his perseverance and mindset of freedom.

The next word was FOCUS. Brent became realtor #11 in the world when he was at ReMax, and that takes a great deal of focus. He says, "work on your business, not just in it.". Have a plan and then walk back into it. You can have a yearly goal, which may seem insurmountable now. But if you break it down to weekly or even daily goals, it is achievable. Design a calendar and "live by your calendar, not your emotions." explains Brent. I am so regimented in my calendar that I plan my vacations and events out a year in advance. I know where I will be to help grow my business.

MOTIVATION was another word I used to describe this man. He authored a book called "Momentum" that inspired a large number of other agents. "The key to success is enthusiasm", he says: "especially the last four letters which stand for: I am sold myself." If you have the passion and enthusiasm that becomes infectious for everyone around you, that leads to your success.

He feels the greatest lesson he ever learned was to go and shadow other people that have done it already. He also cautions not to just do it in your organization. People are people, companies are companies. You want to shadow great people.

That segways into his three pieces of advice for someone entering the business today:

1) Numbers, numbers, numbers -- know your business.

2) Get a coach.

3) Find the best person in your area and offer to work for them for free.

Finally, I asked him in his "book of life" what would this current chapter be called and he said: Redemption!

In 2009 he had his own home foreclosed upon, and an agent in his same company got the lead for his house listing by the bank. There were many lean years after the recession, but he survived and is now thriving.

Brent Gove is a true legend and an inspiration to many. I feel privileged to call him a friend.

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