• Michael Valdes

Carlos Matias, the CEO of Phoenix Software"Keeping my eye on the silver lining"

Carlos Matias is someone I have known for several years, and he is one of the utmost real estate technology experts I know. His company Gryphtech/Phoenix Technologies, which he founded over 20 years ago is now operational in over 60 countries with some of the greatest real estate brands including eXp Global.

Originally from Portugal but living in Canada for most of his adult life Carlos started by seeing opportunities in our industry, and in 1999 he moved to Amsterdam to try and build a European MLS. The burst was not favorable to him, and he was not able to realize that dream. However, he found his current company shortly after, and it has been an incredibly successful operation.

His vision is unique as it is a global lens from a tech perspective and incredibly insightful. When asked how agents should promote themselves globally, his sage advice is to put oneself in the shoes of the client in a foreign land. What would they want? Do your own search as though you were that client. What's missing. Now figure out how they find you.

Some thoughts:

1) Have your marketing materials in the language the consumer is accustomed to searching in. For example, if you want Asian buyers, your materials have to be in Mandarin.

2) Be open to doing business. That may seem obvious, but if you are dealing in different time zones, you must be available.

3) Either you or someone on your team (or service) must be able to communicate with the consumer in their language.

4) Belong to global real estate associations to network with others in another country.

When asked about life/work balance, he used an analogy of a bicycle. "The bicycle has two wheels which is what keeps it balanced. The wheels have to be the same size. If one is larger, the bicycle is off balance and will not move. The spokes are what we do. If the spokes are off the wheel, they don't let the wheel rotate. Everything must be balanced for the bicycle to function."

When I asked him what his current chapter in his book of life would be called, he said "Keeping my eye on the silver lining.". After the difficult year with COVID-19, he knows the world will come together again in greater harmony, and he looks forward to that day coming soon.


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