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Charlie Oppler "Your Reputation is Based on Trust"

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Charlie shared a story on the podcast of being at an industry

conference away from his family, but has never missed any of his

son's ball games, he had made a commitment to be there. In the middle

of a snowstorm, he was lucky enough to get the last flight out before

all travel was canceled, and when he landed in New Jersey, he went

straight to his son’s game and walked in at 6:55 for a 7 pm game. He

beams with joy to recount the fact that it was one of his son's best

games that led them to the state championships. The next morning, he

woke up at the crack of dawn to take the next flight back to the

conference and the majority of the attendees had no idea he was even


That to me personifies, Charlie Oppler. He is a man I have known for

many years and is truly one of the men I admire most in our industry.

He truly cares which is a rarity. Charlie runs one of the most

successful franchises for Sotheby's with Prominent Properties in New

Jersey with over $2 billion in sales and over 600 agents. When I asked

him about how he built the culture at his firm, he said "one agent at

a time".

As a man of his word, he says "your reputation is built on trust". He

protects vehemently because he also knows that it can be lost in a

split second. We spoke about the current pandemic and how he saw the

business. He preferred to speak about the heart of a broker. He told a

story that he told all his agents to make sure they and their families

were fine and then go and check on one more person. One realtor took

his advice and left a note for a neighbor she had never spoken to and

asked if she needed groceries. This woman was elderly and had no way

to get to the store, and this agent became her lifeline -- quite


Charlie is the incoming NAR President, and I can certainly say that the

1.4 million agents he will be leading next year (myself included) are

in the wonderful hands. Charlie is a true innovator, inspirational leader, and humble philanthropist. I am honored to know him and call him a



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