• Michael Valdes

Chris Heller "The Secret to getting what you want is having the willingness to do whatever it takes"

Chris Heller is truly a legendary person in our industry. He was the former CO of Keller Williams International and the current Chief Real Estate officer for Ojo Labs.

He tells of his beginnings with his father selling timeshares in Lake Tahoe and how that quickly escalated to him branching out on his own in residential real estate with a brief stint in the commercial side of the business. He credits his early success to hard work and follow-through. He was the first one in the office and the last one to leave to soak up all the knowledge he could. Chris says he was "persistent and consistent".

Those traits allowed him to catapult to the "rookie of the year" when he first joined KW and then became the #1 agent in North America. He always followed these simple rules when creating his business:

1) Master a certain area -- become the expert.

2) Have a Goal.

3) Have a plan to achieve that goal.

4) Believe you can -- mindset is 90% of success.

He certainly followed that rule because his team has sold over 100 homes a year consistently for the last 3 decades. I think that is a statistic that will be hard to beat anytime soon.

Chris moved to the corporate side and eventually became CEO of Keller Williams Worldwide growing that brand impressively around the globe. When asked what is the greatest lesson he ever learned was, he responded "the secret to getting whatever you want is the willingness to do whatever it takes.".

Chris is a true inspiration, and it was a pleasure to have our chat.


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