• Michael Valdes

Christopher Invidiata, "The Harder I work, The Luckier I get"

Christopher Invidita is someone who I admire not only because of his incredible real estate career but because he is a true gentleman. One thing that struck me about his character was that when he joined eXp, he went into the open market and made sure that he purchased shares of the stock for every employee that was not eligible to earn stock on their own. He wanted them to feel as though they were owners of his selected new home as much as he was.

He was ranked the #1 ReMax team in Canada 15 times and was ranked the #1 team in the world twice, so there is a lot to learn from this man. Christopher says the harder he worked, the luckier he got. He started in the fashion industry, but his father, who was a physician gave him the best piece of advice when he was a young father and felt angst about being away from his child. He told him you can either bust your butt to sell a $10 pair of pants and be away from your family or you can sell a $1 million house and be with them. He entered real estate with the same determination the next day and never looked back.

He explains that his growth was organic because he genuinely cared about people. When he sold his first home, he took the owners to dinner because he was so grateful. When he took them out they referred him to his next client, and then when he sold their home, he repeated the process. The way his team grew was equally organic. It started with one assistant and then eventually to a larger team. Christopher's desire is for every team member to do better than him.

His three pieces of advice for folks entering the business were:

1) Work under a mentor.

2) Learn everything you can. Hire a coach if you can.

3) Have a plan.

Finally, we spoke about how philanthropic the entire Invidiata family is. They work on many charities and are an impressive clan.

I am honored to know Christopher and call him a friend, and grateful for the time we spent together on the webinar.


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