• Michael Valdes

Chuck Fazio, Associate Broker/ International Team Leader at eXp Realty: "Iron Sharpens Iron".

Chuck Fazio is someone that I had interacted with via email and virtually through work-related encounters, but it was only a few weeks ago that I had the great pleasure of meeting him and his incredible wife Angela in Miami at Grant Cardone's 10X Growth Conference. It was one of those moments where you meet someone, and you know he just became an extended member of your family. His life story is so incredible that if you saw it as a movie script you would think it was too trite because it could never happen. Chuck started as a bouncer for organized crime families in New York and then started working the door at strip clubs owned by the same entity. Ironically, as we were discussing dates and neighborhoods in New York City, I was working at another nightclub as a waiter in my late teens just two blocks from where he was.

I am incredibly appreciative of the level of candor Chuck graciously gave me in this conversation. He recounts chilling encounters of having a gun to his head for a drug deal gone bad which was his next profession once he left the club scene. Chuck jokingly says it was the best-negotiating skill he has ever learned because it was life or death. He calls himself a "degenerate" who turned his life around when he decided to move to Arizona and ultimately found religion. He also found Angela, his wife. They were struggling independently with real estate and almost gave up to move in with his parents until they decided to form a team and support one another, and they never looked back. In three years, they went from zero to being ranked in the top 1% of all realtors in the state. They complimented each other and became one unit. As Chuck says, "Iron sharpens iron.".

Fast forward a few years, and they grew a team of 900 agents when they joined eXp, and now that team has grown to 4300 members. He is a powerhouse and a great inspiration for anyone who is facing adversity. When I asked him his advice for anyone entering the business today, he said:

1) Do not look at the fees you are making. "No one creates wealth by saving money".

2) Do your homework. "Most people get into real estate and don't know what it is"

3) Surround yourself with leaders so you can become one.

Chuck & Angela are incredibly philanthropic and give back to others and find the joy in giving.

It was an immense pleasure to have met them and to now be able to call them friends.


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