• Michael Valdes

Cliff Freeman "I was literally born into the business"

I knew of Cliff Freeman the moment I came to eXp as he was one of the top agents across the organization of almost 40,000 agents. When I spoke to him, he was one of the most humble men I had ever met. His focus was always on how he can help others, which as I always say is the secret to success. When you focus on serving others is when your financial freedom and success reach the elite levels you are looking for. Cliff had graciously invited me to be a guest on his podcast, "Cliff's Notes" when I first joined, and a very nice friendship was forged.

Last week, eXp had three simultaneous events where we celebrated 50 of our top agents in each part of the country. I was asked to attend the event in Dallas, and I had an incredible gift of spending much more quality time with Cliff and learning of his journey, and he is truly an inspiration for so many. He was humble enough to share those stories on this episode of the podcast, and I encourage you to take things away that are powerful life lessons.

He tells the story of how less than 10 years ago he had to start over. He had nothing, but he realized that "broke is a temporary space, but poverty is a mindset", he cautions. "I was never in poverty, I was just broke." Just think about how powerful that lesson is. How many of us have had a temporary dip in our bank account and resign ourselves to a new reality? Cliff is one of the most successful realtors in the country now with all the financial rewards that bring. However, his main focus is on how can he empower others to grow and be better?

A profound statement he shared is that we have denied our children the right to fail. In failure is when the best life lessons occur for someone. A skillset of survival and thriving. We want to protect our children, but we must empower them first.

I will leave you with the best quote Cliff shared with me: "If it's raining, quit worrying about the storm and learn to dance in the rain."

Thank you, Cliff, for your wisdom and guidance.

You are a powerhouse.

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