• Michael Valdes

Courtney Chakarun"Be comfortable with being wrong"

I remember speaking to Courtney Chakarun two weeks before her announcement as the new Chief Marketing Officer of eXp World Holdings was going to be public. The moment we first started conversing, we surmised that we were kindred spirits and adopted each other as "siblings". It's been a flawless, collaborative friendship ever since.

Her leadership style is so nurturing, and I learn a great deal from her. One of the key takeaways in this podcast was the conversation of looking at yourself as a brand. I so often speak about the agent being the CEO of their own company as an independent contractor, but when you start to shift that viewpoint into a more singular focus of "brand", it's a game-changer. The journey to get there is about embracing freedom.

"Be comfortable with being wrong", Courtney advises "If you can embrace being comfortable with being wrong and surround yourself with people that will challenge you to help you grow, it's a winning combination.". Adding upon that concept she discusses the nuances and differences between mentor, coach, and advocate -- something that is so nuanced but crystal clear when you see it. In many stages of our lives, we may be fortunate enough to have all three.

My favorite takeaway was the analogy of a work/life balance. "You have balls in life. Some are rubber, and some are crystal. If you drop the rubber ball, it's ok, it'll bounce, and you can make it up", she begins... "but if you drop the crystal ball, it shatters, and it's irreparable." I've never heard the analogy before, but it does allow you to make more clear choices in work as to how it would affect your family and friends. Will that decision make the ball bounce or shatter?

Thank you, Courtney, for these great life lessons!

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