David Russell,"Everything in moderation, including moderation", CMO of Chestertons shares his story:

"I had the boyhood dream of being a chef," says David Russell, "but quickly realized that they had long hours and low pay so decided to go into the hospitality industry instead.". His career trajectory has been impressive since then. We worked together for over a decade within the Sotheby's brand, and he is someone who approached everything with such a keen eye for branding. His former profession in hospitality and the food industry allows him to view a situation differently.

He did it masterfully with the brand we worked at together and has now grown to be the Chief Marketing Officer for Chestertons, which is a well-respected brand in the United Kingdom. "It's all about people," he reminds us when dealing with clients on a global basis, "but you need to build stories and sell a lifestyle and make sure you help them realize their dreams". People sometimes collect lifestyles to fulfill different parts of their lives.

"Do your homework," he says when creating your brand.

Use the "Rule of 3"

1) What do you want to tell the world about yourself?

2) Is that message clear?

3) Become "the" expert.

Continuing on this wavelength and attempting to build a brand internationally, David gives the following advice:

1) Get specific -- every market is different

2) Get uber-local -- know the tastes and smells of the culture

3) Understand the language

4) Understand the culture

5) Go all in!

"it's ok to make mistakes" was the lesson he shared he learned in his career.

The more you elevate in your career, the more comfortable and liberating this statement becomes.

"I don't need to know everything, I just need to know the players that do, '' he advises. Many of us try to be everything for everyone and do it all, which is simply a feat that is doomed to fail. What you need to become is very adept at knowing the strengths of others and how you touch upon them.

Finally, he uses his nana's advice as his motto to live by and motivate others. He recounts a story of her saying that vegetables cook best in a pressure cooker, but for them to be perfect, you have to let the steam out a bit. "Everything in moderation, including moderation".

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