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Elena Cardone, "Discipline is not Motivation".

I attended the Grant Cardone 10x conference in Miami last month, and it was the first time I had met Elena Cardone. She was a powerful force of a human being who was elegant, caring, nurturing, and protective. In fact, the first question we addressed was speaking about three words that are prevalent on her website.

Creating... Building and Defending.

We explore these three concepts throughout our conversation. The creating is personified by being uncomfortable with the norm. You have to be allergic to complacency. This is a big part of the success factor. In building, you need to be willing to think bigger and set goals that make you incredibly uncomfortable to declare. Finally, defending is all about protecting what you have built. The mantra is just to focus on your success and not to worry about anyone else, "but that is not always reciprocated", explains Elena.

I remember noticing Elena at the aforementioned conference and she had her daughter on her lap and holding her protectively; she was looking at her husband on the stage and nodding at him encouragingly and at the same time surveying the room of 2,000 attendees to make sure they were having their needs met as well. She smiles at the notion that I picked up on the subtleties. "That's my role," she explains. "Grant and I are not 50/50, we are 100/100. Each one of us commits wholeheartedly to our roles in our partnership and marriage and execute that to the fullest".

This best-selling author of "Build an empire: How to Have it all", believes what she writes. She reminds us to remember that there is no scarcity in the world. Anything we want to achieve is there for us to do so, but we must be disciplined to do so. "Discipline is not motivation", Elena says. "I am not motivated to go to the gym every morning, but I am disciplined to do so because I know the results it will achieve, and that is what I am seeking. You have to put in the work".

In an introspective moment, I asked her what she would tell her 10-year-old self from the lens she has now. "Learn to be the best friend to yourself.".

Her sage advice is very true.

Elena is an incredible motivator, and someone alongside her husband has been responsible for changing so many people's lives for the better.

It was a delight to have a conversation with her.

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