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Elizabeth Stribling-Kivlan, Senior Managing Director at Compass: "Work Hard & Be Honest"

I first met Elizabeth Stribling-Kivlan through another good friend and former podcast guest, Stan Ponte. I immediately connected to her fantastic energy and legendary status in the industry. Her mother had started Stribling Realty and made it one of the most boutique firms in New York City that rivaled large franchises for market share.

In fact, I shared the story in the podcast of the first meeting with Elizabeth's mom. We were all at a charity event, and I had seen this elegantly dressed woman, and I just needed to go up and compliment her. As it turned out, it was Elizabeth's mother, Libby, who ended up sitting next to me at our table, and a friendship had forged.

Elizabeth fought the inevitable of her real estate legacy and has a degree in comparative religions and went to culinary school, only to come back to her calling. She recalls that during the crisis, her mother gave her two pieces of advice:

1) You can buy a 20-pound bag of rice for $5

2) She would make introductions for people in real estate, but she had to prove herself.

Elizabeth opted for the latter, and within an hour of working with the Pacific Union, she knew that everything she always fought was her actual calling. She thought success meant you needed to do something different than your family instead of looking inward.

Elizabeth is a true mentor to many with the motto of "work hard and be honest.". Always there to lend a helping hand, she reminds us that it's always important to ask for help.

Stribling-Kivlan's legacy was that she wants to be remembered as being a good person.

Elizabeth, you have achieved that in spades!!!!!

By Michael

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