• Michael Valdes

Gene Frederick "Don't Let Anyone Define Your Vision"

Gene Frederick... the man, the myth, the legend.

He has built a team of over 11,000 people. Think about that for a moment. 11,000 people!!! What makes so many people attracted to what he has to say. He is the real deal and cares about the success of others. That's his secret.

As a board member of eXp World Holdings, I met Gene before I joined the firm, and he was so genuine and welcoming from our first encounter that he has grown to be a good friend. He is an inspiration to others based on his work and life lessons. One of his greatest lessons to share was "Don't let anyone define your vision.". If you are around friends that do not support your dream, find a new group of friends.

One of the other things he shared was that in his opinion, there are no such things as "business ethics''. There are just "ethics' '. Whatever you would do in real life is what you should be doing in business and vice versa.

His four pieces of advice for anyone entering the business were:

1) Commit to lead generation. There are 101 ways to generate leads. Go find yours.

2) Build a business strategy that provides you other streams of income.

3) Put the health of yourself and your family above work.

4) Go have fun!

Gene is truly one of the legends in our industry, and he is very forthcoming with all his advice. He is one of the special people on this planet. I'm privileged to call him a friend.

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