• Michael Valdes

Glenn Sanford:"Be A Mono-Maniac on a Mission"

After 15 years at Realogy, I have recently left to join eXp Realty, the

fastest growing real estate company in America. The technology and

business model were far superior to anything I had ever seen, but

above all else, the team behind it was exceptional. It was all created

by a visionary leader who frowns on being called "the boss" but

prefers to be called "the coach" because he set up a platform where

everyone is an owner of the company.

I had been meeting with Glenn for months as we were discussing the

possibility of a global platform for eXp and he was always presented

himself with the highest integrity and it was a pleasure to sit down

with him for this discussion.

One of my early questions was to ask him what 3 lessons he has learned in business and without hesitation, he began:

1) Success Leaves Clues: "If you're truly a student of the business,

look at the nuances of who's winning, there are themes", he says. But

he also stresses that you have to define "success' for yourself, whether that be monetary, family, or even philanthropy. "If you follow the clues, you will most likely be successful as well", he professes.

2) Be a Mono-Maniac on a Mission - Focus on being the best at one

thing. "Life rewards specialists, not generalists". Don't try to be

good at many things, just be great at a few things.

3) Leverage Your Strengths - Glenn warns that people try to improve their weaknesses, but your strengths are what people are going to pay you for. He says he has never paid anyone for a skill set they were weak on but were trying to improve.

During this global pandemic, one seems the VirBela eXp technology

platform and would think that this solution for remote business

maximization was something that may have been developed in the last year or so when in reality it has been operation for over a decade. He truly created a "defensible business model" for working remotely, while still keeping the human factor of interaction through the avatars.

Sanford said he learned lessons of intrinsic motivations from his father who was also an entrepreneur and sold a company to Kellogg's in the '70s. He noticed that when he was 35 he was the single wage earner and that wasn't a very sustainable model. He looked at the idea of a team, but that was still very connected to the leader for its success. The brokerage model he thought was not a great idea for him, so in 2009 he started with a blank slate and created the model we know today. A model where agents can build wealth and a residual line of revenue which has changed lives.

Glenn said he wanted to leave the world a better place because he was a part of it. I believe this man has already achieved that and it will be an honor to witness how much larger of a footprint he leaves for all of us firsthand as we continue this journey.

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