• Michael Valdes

Gregg Lynn: "Be Authentic. Be Yourself. The rest will follow"

I met Gregg Lynn in 2008 in Hong Kong at the Sotheby's Contemporary

Art Auction just as the financial markets were collapsing. Over the

past 12 years, I saw him catapult to being the top agent in San

Francisco. He has been a dear friend and leader in our industry.

Someone who has always been there to support my career rise as well

every step of the way. I am grateful for the friendship and for the

conversation we had together recently.

I think his points of very were very sage and offered wonderful

lessons for the listeners.

When we spoke of building teams, he warned not to build too early

because clients will smell that desperation and you will inevitably

fail. The idea to grow a team should be one that happens organically.

In regards to dealing with trophy properties, he warns to have a

business plan and to be prepared to spend some money on the listing.

He continued to advise that one must prepare for "the Picasso moment"

-- the time that you reveal that amazing property to the public for

the first time.

Build your brand for the market you want to be in. This is a lesson

Gregg warns back to the day when we first met. He was in Hong Kong to

find a buyer for his trophy properties in San Francisco. He realized

he needed to nurture those leads and made the buyers know he was the

"go to" person in SF. He needed to create his brand in Asia because by

the time they landed in the states it was too late.

He teaches that it's ok to let go of bad clients. This is incredibly

hard for new agents to the business but in the long run, it is the

best advice ever.

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