• Michael Valdes

Ishay Grinberg, Founder & CEO of Rental Beast: "Universal Source of Truth"

"Technology moves fast, real estate moves slow" Ishay Grinberg, the founder and CEO of Rental Beast, explains: "we provided a set of tools around a human being.". He reminds us that real estate is still a people business.

I was so impressed to meet and spend time with Ishay. He is a personable leader in our industry who found a niche and has built an exceptional business. He was born in Haifa, and when I asked him about his time as a combat officer in the Israeli Defense Force and what lessons it taught him he said with a laugh, "the technical part of a foot soldier was useless.". His charm continues by explaining that it was his first management experience. "If you can motivate someone to move towards live fire, you can learn to motivate someone in real estate. It's slightly easier".

The other lessons he learned there which has remained with him included

* Do what you need to do when you need to do it to get the job done

* Just learn to overcome adversity.

He keeps a quote from the movie, "Rocky" in his office which says -- "It's not about how hard you get hit, it's about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward.".

When I asked him about the greatest lesson he learned in his career, he said to build your network as early as possible. Don't allow your ego to stop you from asking for help. No one can do it alone. However, he reminds us that he retained a strict "No asshole policy".

His three pieces of advice for anyone entering the business today is:

1) Remember that everyone is a customer. We all need a place to live

2) Rentals have to be a part of your strategy. If you cultivate the renters, they become your buyers.

3) Get the right set of tools around you

He and his family are incredibly philanthropic in their community, and his motto with charity is "if it doesn't hurt, you're not doing it right". Money is only here on loan, and it is meant to be spread around to help others.

Finally, when I asked him what this chapter in his book of life is entitled, he said: GROWTH!

A multi-faceted man who cares about his community and industry, it was indeed an honor and pleasure to have spent time with Ishay.


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