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James Bramble: "Find The Beauty in All Situations"

When I was first interviewing for my position at eXp, one of the people I spoke with was Jim Bramble as he was the Chief Legal Counsel for eXp World Holdings. He and I spoke at length about his international experience and we understood the various global nuances that existed between markets. I was excited to work with someone that understood the process, and I must say that he and I work every day together, and the journey has been an absolute pleasure.

In this interview, Jim shares that he chose the law profession after reading "The Brethren" by Bob Woodward which gave a detailed account of the inner workings of the Supreme Court. He decided he wanted to do good and fight for the underdog. He began this quest by being an Adjunct Professor in Constitutional Law and empowering his students to make a difference. That has been his goal ever since no matter the route it took him.

For twenty years he worked for USANA which was in the health sector. He joined because the owner had said he wanted to grow the most ethical company in the sector and that's what attracted him to the role. Under his leadership, that company grew to 24 countries and from a $50 million company to over $1.1 billion. He still has a plaque that his assistant gave him many years ago that he uses as a reminder. It simply said: "When in Doubt, Do what is right.".

When I asked him about how he opened international markets and the criteria he followed, he shared three pearls of wisdom:

1) Choose the markets the right way. Make sure it is an organic decision that is right for your business at the time.

2) Understand the different rules, regulations, and infrastructure of where you want to enter. Doing your homework is paramount.

3) Know and respect the cultural differences in the country to ensure your success.

One of the things I like most about Jim is his outlook. He always finds the good in people. If you follow him on social media, you will see that it is a recurring theme throughout his posts. In this interview, he suggests, "Find the Beauty in All Situations.".

His three pieces of advice for agents entering the business today from his time at eXp are:

1) Understand your sphere of influence

2) Always do what is right

3) Have Patience

It is a pleasure to work with this man. He is a great leader, father, and friend, and I am honored to call him a friend.


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