• Michael Valdes

James Brune, CEO of BoardPackager: “Honest without Fear"

James Brune started his career in the oil & gas industry following in his father's footsteps, who was a litigator in that industry. However, real estate was always in his blood, and he even purchased his first home at the age of 21. He recalls visiting his parent's rental properties as a young child on weekends to fix odds and ends and get the property ready for the next tenant.

When he decided to pursue real estate full time, his outlook is what helped him achieve his success at such an early age even achieving "Rookie of the Year" in his first year in the business. The mantra was "if you speak to the rationale and speak to the heart, that's a recipe for success.".

He started "Board Packager" as a response to his own needs. He had endless clients who were purchasing co-ops and condos in New York City, and the edifice boards all required information that could easily number in the hundreds of pages. "Each member needed a package, and you ever knew when and if they were looking at your application", he says. "I knew there had to be a better way, but I couldn't find anything so I created it". What he created was an automated process that was so needed in the industry. He quickly found traction and is now representing 3,000 buildings which represent 250,000 units in multiple states.

He continues to serve his client's needs as well, and when I asked him the advice he would offer someone entering the industry today, he said:

1) Own it

2) Know your capability

3) Hit it daily

His advice of focus is key. "If you get lost about what's wrong, you get lost".

There is so much more from this talented individual to come. When I asked him what this current chapter in his book of life is called, he said "The Beginning".

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