• Michael Valdes

Jeff Whiteside, "How do you make good decisions? ... by making bad ones."

Jeff Whiteside is one of the main reasons why I joined eXp.

His sense of humor is second to none, his role as Chief Financial officer is one he does flawlessly with his background with such impressive companies like GE, but his other role as chief Collaboration Officer is really the glue behind eXp corporate. He becomes the person you go to with challenges, and he gives you the advice a great coach would on how to think about the situation at hand.

As a father of 4 and as a true Canadian who grew up playing hockey and later coaching his kids, he uses those hockey analogies within our meetings. We expect them now in every presentation, but they truly make you think, and that is exactly what they are intended to do.

We spoke about the eXp platform during the pandemic. That's when the brand coined the term "we were built for this" and that has been a battle cry for us ever since. Four top agents have done a weekly podcast with that title where they share insights from top leaders for their audience. We never stopped our business because we were virtual. In fact, the last quarter was the best quarter of the company's decade long existence -- in the middle of COVID. It is an extraordinary feat.

Jeff was very good at guiding others, as I mentioned above and one of his best sayings is that you only make good decisions, by making bad ones and learning from them.

Jeff is an insightful leader and a good friend. I invite you to listen to Jeff's episode.

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