• Michael Valdes

Jere Metcalf "In order to have what you really want, you have to be who you really are?"

Jere Metcalf is someone who truly inspires me.

Humility is one of the keys to success if you learn to grow from the failures life assuredly hands you. Jere was broke when she came to real estate and by her own words: "had to start from nothing.". Now, she is one of the top agents in the Atlanta area with Sotheby's International Realty.

Her singular focus now is helping and mentoring others. I was a recent guest on Jere's podcast, and her mission is to ensure other's success.

She studies life and is a voracious reader. She can quote top takeaways from her favorite authors the way a sports fan can quote stats on their favorite player complete with author and chapter. The lessons Jere learns she is only too eager to share. That to me is a remarkable human being. I've spoken several times about humility and service and that all of the people that I know who are successful in our industry have these two values as their paramount deliverables. To see Jere say "value and service first" as one of her key competencies is one of the reasons for her phenomenal success.

We worked for the same brand for many years, but it is only now with the passage of time that I really appreciate all she does in the industry for others.

Thank you, Jere, for the inspiration you are for so many!


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