• Michael Valdes

Julie Leonhardt LaTorre and her adventurous career.

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

When I first met Julie, she walked into my office as the new COO of Sotheby's International Realty. Within just a few minutes, we were laughing as though we were old friends, and I invited her to my birthday party which was happening in Las Vegas the following week as a sit-down dinner for 30 people. She has an uncanny gift of making people feel like family.

Thus began a deep friendship which has only strengthened over time. Our first trip together was to Bermuda to visit our affiliate there, and the synergy we shared was evident. In London, we visited some affiliates and had some serious conversations with some of them, and her benevolent leadership shone through.

As an educator, she focused on girls who were at risk at a halfway home and helped guide them back to take the right path in life. As an attorney, she worked for non-profits and made sure the underdog was well-served. In real estate, she was a champion for the agents to help them increase their bottom line.

Her career trajectory is unlike anyone else I know. She is now on her fourth career as the founder of Vuse, a real estate technology company. Throughout all these stops in her journey, the lessons and sacrifices have been vast, but one evident thing is her singular focus towards a goal.

Julie's other passion is to make sure that the strides she has made pave the way for other women to succeed in business. She has started several women's groups and continues to mentor people to make sure the path for success for others is just a little bit easier as time goes by.

It was a fun conversation with a dear friend. There was a great deal of information within the 45 minutes of the conversation. I invite you to reach out to Julie directly through her website at


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