• Michael Valdes

Kelly Townsend, Business Coach & Co-owner of Leaders Team: “Discovering the Blind Spot”

I first met Kelly Townsend 16 years ago in 2005 when I first got into real estate and ended up running one of the most elite teams in the state of Florida. I came across an old business plan that she guided me through, and I smiled at the techniques that started there and that I have implemented with my mentees throughout the years.

The importance of a mission statement. Why you? What is your 'why? How do you eloquently and efficiently transmit the message to a consumer so that they are inclined to do business with you rather than the other 1.4 million realtors in America?

There were goals for listings, sales, but also for building my brand. What events did I want to attend to get noticed? What articles did I want to be written about me, and how was I going to go about doing that? I realized that I have been building my brand for 16 years, and it started with Kelly's guidance.

In the course of life, we lost track of one another, but two years ago I tracked her down again and needed a new vision and focus, and I must say this second journey has been much more powerful than the first. The earlier one was one of self-discovery and branding to reach a certain level. Once I have done so, this journey was about helping the largest number of people, leaving a legacy, and making a difference.

The conversations are powerful, and the results have been astounding. I realize I am a vehicle to help others reach their dreams. The "power of creation", "the power of language" and "the power of your actions" are all concepts that Kelly guides you through with her coaching.

I achieved what I have done so in this world in no small part through the guidance of this woman. I am forever indebted to her, and it was my honor to share this conversation with all of you.

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