• Michael Valdes

Kevin Thompson: "Don't let your Ego get in your way", the CMO of the Princess Grace Foundation.

Kevin Thompson and I worked together at Sotheby's International Realty

and when he joined to form an impressive fashion background, he truly elevated an established brand in a way that opened it up to another

younger generation. I was so impressed with his skill set and how he

could see a challenge and create a new opportunity. Our conversation

in this podcast touched on many of those same elements and how an

an agent can focus on branding in the same fashion for a

global clientele.

I've had a few marketing professionals on this podcast, and it's always

fun for me when I get to talk to them because of the perspective that

comes from their lens allows us as real estate professionals to see

our profession from a different light. However, it's always nice to

see that similarities and core elements of business remain the same.

Kevin gave his three top pieces of advice as follows:

1) Do your homework: Understand the consumer behaviors of the audience, you are trying to speak to.

2) Understand their challenges and make an informed decision as to how

you want to reach them.

3) Don't let ego get in the way.

These elements can be used in any part of our business, and the last

one truly is one we must embrace. How many times have you heard me say

we must approach our business with humility and service? It is the

core of what we must do in our industry to better service our clients

and each other so that we can continue to elevate our profession and

society as a whole.

Kevin is now the CMO of the Princess Grace Foundation, and just as she

changed the world by becoming a royal with such elegance in the small

country of Monaco, I am anxious to see how Kevin will take that

responsibility and help her legacy live on and be discovered by other


Thank you for the conversation, Kevin, and for the great work you are

doing in the world as well.


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