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Kirtus Dixon, "In order to bring the fire, you have to respect the flame"

Kirtus Dixon Has a booming voice and has an electric energy that can light up a room. When he tells you that you will succeed, you simply believe him. Kirtus had humble beginnings growing up in a trailer park in Laredo, Texas, but he said he was never hungry for yearning. He knew he would succeed. He received an academic scholarship and entered the Minority Engineering Program at the University of Oklahoma, wherein his freshman year, he met the love of his life, Megan, who he eventually married and had children.

He was a great entrepreneur having four different companies operating simultaneously, and as he and I always say, "You can't bring the fire unless you respect the flame.". He quotes from the book, "The Lean Startup" by Eric Reis that teaches the three stages of a startup being: build, measure, and learn. His analytical engineering mind could accept this trajectory and it worked well for him.

When I asked this wonderful coach what three pieces of advice he would give a new agent coming into the business today, he said:

1) Plan for three years of investment. He even went so far as to identify these three years:

Year 1: Grind Year -- this is when you will be doing the building of your business

Year 2: Growth Year -- this is when people are starting to know you, and you are securing business for yourself

Year 3: Explosion Year -- this is when your reputation is built and you have a steady string of clients, and your business is secure.

He goes back to the reference of "Build/Measure/Learn" as an analogy to this. The majority of all new agents will fail in the first two years. If you can hang on to Year 3, your chances are exponentially increased.

2) Fill up your activity tracker -- this is crucial to know where you are spending your time and how you can maximize what it is you are doing. You need to focus your time on things that will generate income for your business.

3) Learn to Earn, Earn to Learn -- In the beginning, you have to learn all you can. Soaking up the knowledge will make you a valuable resource to your future clients. Once you are there, you must transition to giving back and sharing that wealth with others.

Kirtus shared that he was inspired by progress -- in himself and others. The other side of that is impacted. When I inquired about what motivates him, he referenced another book, "Think Like A Monk" which talks about the fact that every human being is motivated by four things:

1) Fear

2) Desire

3) Duty

4) Love

While he doesn't question how anyone gets motivated, he said the latter two are his.

Kirtus and his wife are wonderfully philanthropic. Their two beautiful daughters came to them through the "Foster to Adopt" program in Texas that was part of CPS. He says he had the vision to impact 1,000 lives, and after coming to eXp, his new goal is to impact 10,000 lives. He isn't sure how he's going to do it just yet, but he is certain of its success.

Finally, I asked him what this chapter in his book of life is called, and he simply said, "Heal"...

I am so appreciative to know this multifaceted man who I am honored to call a friend.

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