• Michael Valdes

Knolly Williams, “No One Succeeds Alone”, Author, Trainer, National Speaker & Entrepreneur

When I first saw Knolly in his white cowboy hat take the stage, he was mesmerizing. He spoke about his story with such conviction and how he started his record label and magazine at 22 years of age and was incredibly successful. Ten years later, he was broke.

This is a man who is humble enough to share his journey so that others can become aware of the pitfalls. He now looks back and realizes that "no one succeeds alone", and it is a motto he lives by now.

He became a real estate agent and quickly studied how to be successful. Knolly made it to the #1 agent in Austin and top 10 in the state of Texas. When Gary Keller noticed him and asked to meet with him, he realized he could get paid to do what he loved, teach and help others.

Knolly has never looked back. He is one of the most sought-after coaches in our industry, and he cares so much, and it is evident. When I asked him what his top three lessons for someone entering the business today would be, he said:

1) Become Famous -- make sure everyone knows you in your area. Get out there and make a name for yourself

2) Do the "two" -- 2x4 -- Two hours of lead generation 4 days a week

3) Get a mentor -- learn from someone who has done this already

He is a spiritual man who explores. "Know thyself" is your center and how you communicate with others. He does a beautiful analogy of saying "we are all a piece of a tapestry.".

Finally, when I asked him what this current chapter in his book of life is called, he said "Becoming Me".

Knolly is a great human being who cares about his family, his industry, and mankind. It's a joy to know this man.


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