• Michael Valdes

Lee Summers 'An insight on our friendship'

It was a balmy summer evening in Miami almost 15 years ago when I first met Lee Summers. She was one of the top global brokers in NewYork within the Sotheby's network and I was gaining a reputation in Miami for closing top sales for many foreign clients.

Lee had a vision of creating a group of top agents throughout the brand to travel together as a collective force and offer a variety of inventory to the same clientele we were already pitching

separately on a global scale.

She tells me her vision as we are sipping martinis on the patio of the

Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Brickell Key. "I wasn’t sure I wanted you as part of the group.", she tells me, "I thought you were just a party boy in Miami, but you're a serious agent with a significant book of business.". So started our friendship and not only her discovery of me being a very disciplined person after 10 years at Deutsche Bank, but I found in Lee a kindred spirit who was a "global citizen".

Lee is a true visionary because, after New York and Miami, she added

DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other key cities. We did

travel together as a group to Hong Kong, Moscow, London, and other

exotic locations. We met with many clients, their intermediaries, and

sold a significant amount of real estate.

She is now reinventing the model and has created the "Summers Global Team"

at Compass where she has global alliances with brokers around the globe.

This podcast circled around truly building a global business with friends.

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