• Michael Valdes

Lee Woodward, CEO & Creative Director of Realtair Academy: "From Plumber to Superstar"

I’ve only met Lee Woodward very recently, but from that very first conversation I was impressed not only by his successes but by the care he genuinely had for agents. He was truly invested in their success.

As the number one real estate coach in Australia, I was excited to get to know him better when he agreed to do my podcast. Then, I truly became a fan.

He had very humble beginnings as a plumber but became the top person in acquiring new accounts for the firm and discovered his sales skills. He then entered the real estate brokerage world and was ranked in the top 1% of all estate agents in the country in his very first year in the business.

What Lee later discovered was that he could create a program to duplicate his success for other agents who followed his program. He has been directly responsible for not only the financial gains of those individuals but by training so many agents, he elevated the industry in Australia and New Zealand.

He’s a passionate international leader in our industry who is a wonderful family man and philanthropist, and I am privileged to call him a new friend.

Thank you, Lee, for the conversation!

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