• Michael Valdes

Leo Pareja, President and Co-Founder at Remine,"Giving Is A Duty"

Leo Pareja is one of those rare individuals who is smart without being arrogant; ambitious without being cut-throat and feels a social responsibility to give back to others.

His mind looks for problems to solve, and as such has excelled in three incredibly diverse sectors of real estate, finance, and technology. "I find beauty in chaos," he says. He started in real estate at the age of 19, where he decided he would sell properties to his fraternity brothers so that the rent they were paying would go towards a mortgage. By the age of 28, he was the #1 salesperson in the world for Keller Williams. As an immigrant, he always felt a greater need to succeed and fit in. With his growing success, he has noticed that many Latinos were being left behind with credit-worthiness and their ability to enter the market. As he states, "there are 26 million credit invisible people". That's when he co-founded Washington Capital Partners in DC that allowed this segment of the population to begin to participate in the American dream. As the 2017 National President of NAHREP that mission catapulted him to spread the word of Latino homeownership across America. Education and wealth creation became two areas of focus for him. The technology was the last piece of the puzzle for Leo, and when he co-founded Remine that was fulfilled. It started as a predictive analytics data company but quickly grew from there.

His three key lessons for everyone were:

1) Pick your business model.

2) Know your numbers.

3) Always be learning.

He stresses to always be true to yourself. Know you are why because that's what is going to motivate you. He admits to having "his butt whooped during the financial crisis" and any cockiness of a twenty-year-old was quickly rectified and he learned humility.

Finally, when I asked Leo about philanthropy, he simply said: "Giving is a Duty".

This is a very caring human being who I am privileged to call a friend. Leo Pareja and I met when he was the National President of NAHREP, and he impressed me from the start. He has a great deal of ambition coupled with great humility and smarts, and that makes him a great leader and entrepreneur. Leo is a great inspiration for the Latino community and a spectacular leader in our industry. It was a pleasure to sit down with him and speak candidly during this podcast.

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