• Michael Valdes

Marco Roca, CEO at Reveille Hospitality "I have a relentless determination to succeed".

I was living in London when Marco Roca was there on a business trip. I had arranged a lunch at the executive boardroom at Sotheby's Auction House on Bond Street, and our special friendship was born from that day almost a decade ago.

His background of senior leadership roles in organizations such as Realogy, Hard Rock Hotels, Wyndham, and Caesar's Corporation truly gave him a uniquely global lens on the real estate and hospitality industry. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to sit down for a chat with an old friend.

He has a unique outlook on working for other companies, "All jobs come to an end", he theorizes "The bullet leaves the gun as soon as you are hired and one day it'll hit you.". That was why he decided to start his own company, "Reveille Hospitality" that he now runs with his sons. He is anxious to build something with them and leave them their legacy. His focus now is on Extended Stay America brands hotel and a food franchise called, "Caprriotti's".

When asked what three pieces of advice he would give someone wanting to break into the international arena and he said:

1) Look at your business plan from back to front. Make sure you have anticipated the pitfalls and then plan for the inevitable.

2) Look for key partners in the markets you wish to enter. You won't be able to do it on your own because you don't have the market knowledge. Make sure to pair with partners that can give you the that competitive edge.

3) Have the ability to give up what you have. This was a very real and sage piece of advice. Marco says that something will inevitably suffer (home life, relationships, health), and you need to be willing to do that to expand your business globally. Prepare for it.

His great piece of advice is always to act with:

* Loyalty

* Honesty

* Integrity

When asked for his opinion on future investment opportunities around the globe, he is bullish on territories in the Caribbean and Latin America. In a post-pandemic world, there will be new countries that emerge as attractive investments since people will adopt a greater percentage of remote working.

Finally, my favorite question to ask my guests is what would this chapter in your book of life be called, to which he responds:

"Let The Good Times Roll"

Thank you, Marco, for your friendship and leadership in our industry.


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