• Michael Valdes

Mark Choey:"Everyone Has a Different Superpower"

I had known Mark by reputation in the industry and had met him socially on a few occasions. Last December, a good friend of mine, Chris Lim who was the co-founder with Mark of Climb Real Estate invited me to their Christmas celebration in San Francisco and it was there that I got to know Mark better and was so impressed with him as a person and visionary. This was a great podcast for me because Mark is truly a spiritual person to his core. He cares about the success of others and is a great motivator in a very precise way, which makes the message a lot more welcoming. My most favorite line from the interview was that "everyone has a different superpower". Think about how empowering that message is. It's just a matter of finding what yours is. Below are the top 10 takeaways from our talk: 1) "When you build a culture, it has to be more than yourself." 2) "It's not just about your home, it's about your life." 3) "Everyone has a different superpower." 4) "In real estate, there are many paths to success." 5) "Celebrate the individual, not the establishment." 6) Free yourself from the need to please everyone." 7) "You can't fake it... I've tried." 8) "Don't hide your success." 9) "I want to use technology for a purpose." 10) "You don't need a million fans." Michael

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