• Michael Valdes

Mayi de la Vega: From the aerospace industry to a real estate powerhouse.

I met Mayi de la Vega in the summer of 2008 in Miami at a sales meeting

with the office I was with at the time. I was their top salesperson and I

did not know who this elegantly dressed woman with a mane of blond

hair was, so I may not have been that inviting to her. She ended up

acquiring the company I worked for. After meeting with Mayi for lunch,

I decided to become Senior Vice President of ONE Sotheby's International

Realty under her leadership because I respected her vision and tenacity.

Mayi continued to grow, as did our friendship. In 2010, I left to work on the corporate side of the Sotheby's brand and moved to London, but we remained in constant touch since I still maintained property in Miami and felt as though it was still my U.S. base. At the beginning of this year, just before the COVID-19 pandemic, I spent some time in Miami, and Mayi took me out on her boat with her crew. It was just the two of us and we talked about our friendship for the last 12 years and what our aspirations in life still were. I cherish

the time we spent and truly consider her a close friend. As I mentioned before, we recorded this interview before the pandemic,

so there is no mention of it on our podcast. However, what resonates is her

vision and ambition to be the best and to be able to use the resources of

what she has to give back to others. Mentorship is paramount in her life.

The idea of giving back to others and leaving a legacy through service

resonates in our talk. The three recurring themes are 1) her business, 2) her family with her son Danny is the President of the company and her daughter running

one of the top teams within the organization and 3) Community with making sure that she remains philanthropic and helps others. This was a fun interview for me and I hope you enjoyed the conversation.

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