Meghan Kelley, Senior Director of Global Operations at eXp Global.

I have known Meghan Kelley for over a decade, and when she joined my team, I knew I had someone I could trust that could supercharge the growth trajectory we had at eXp in expanding our global presence.

The team affectionately calls her "Superwoman" because she seemingly does many things simultaneously, and they are accomplished with ease. Of course, there are no shortcuts, and she works tirelessly to make it look effortless. Her father was a professional football player, and she credits him for teaching her discipline and structure. "You don't get to the NFL without both.", she says of her dad.

Meghan has proven to be an effective ally when agents have wanted to explore expanding their business internationally. She gives three pieces of advice that can be expanded for anyone that has this goal in mind:

1) Be humble: Remember you need to understand someone's culture to work successfully in it.

2) Be inquisitive: Learn about the markets you want to enter so that you can speak intelligently towards them

3) Be strategic: the world is very big. Make sure you pick a country you like and makes sense for you so that it will increase your odds of succeeding.

When I asked her about her greatest lesson thus far in her career, I was appreciative of her introspective answer. "I decided to choose myself", she says. Not in a self-centered way, but the exact polar opposite. She accepted her strengths in helping others reach their goals and dreams; accepted her talent to make informed business decisions that can help drive a publicly-traded company to larger earnings; she accepted her power to make a difference.

Meghan has been a wonderful leader, and partner in our expansion plans, and I am very thankful to have her leading this global team to greatness. It was an honor to sit down with her and have a discussion.

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