• Michael Valdes

Mercedes Saewitz "My father gave me the gift of hard work and humility"

The Saewitz name is legendary in South Florida. The family owns one of the most successful restaurants in the country -- Joe's Stone Crab and Mercie's father was one of the developers of Coconut Grove, an upscale neighborhood in the state.

Max Saewitz was also one of my early mentors in the business. He was a man who had an unfatigued work ethic. He would call you at 6 am with a thought or send you an email at 2 am because he had woken up and wanted to move on something immediately. Max would find solutions to problems and always thought outside the box to get to a resolution. They were valuable lessons that he taught me, and obviously that was more profound with his own daughter, Mercedes.

Mercedes handled the deals her father would purchase, and that is how we first met 15 years ago. She and I became good friends to the point where her mother calls me her other son. I saw first hand the work lessons that Mercie inherited, and she was incredibly successful in the hospitality industry before she joined her dad and afterward was a tireless closer of deals.

Business plans are something we both adhere to and hold dear as a secret to success. As Managing Broker for the state of Florida for Compass, she makes her agents do a yearly business plan which she works on every quarter and sits with her agents on a one on one every month to ensure they are on track. With over 600 agents in the state, it is a testament to her belief in other's success.

Her three top advice suggestions for someone entering the business today were:

1) Have a year of savings.

2) Get a CRM.

3) Call the top 25 agents in your area and introduce yourself.

The last one is such a lost art form. I remember early on that I was taught to always present offers in person. People get to know you and your reputation, and even if you don't close that particular deal, you have started a relationship that you will need to call upon as you build your career.

Thank you, Mercie, for sharing the valuable lessons with our audience.


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