• Michael Valdes

Orlando Montiel, President at Paz Economica & Montiel Organization, LLC: "Don't Be a Secret Agent"

I've known Orlando for several years because he and his brother, Daniel, started the Montiel Organization. They have developed their real estate program and coaching services to reach over 8500 agents thus far taking their course regularly. I formally met him earlier this year when he was joining eXp, and we have become friends since then as we have worked together with several international contacts he has in markets I am seeking to open.

What first struck me about him is his passion. He cares deeply about agents, and that shines through in his program and everything he delivers. He wants agents not to be "secret agents'', he advises: "You need to market yourself so that people know you are out there.". It seems like common sense, but you'd be surprised how few people do it.

He speaks in-depth about marketing and turning yourself into the brand. Having come from several brands in the past, he realized when he saw the eXp model that it was a platform for the agent to become the brand and he was hooked.

He says that when he joined eXp, it was because of the 5 C's:

1) Coaching

2) Coordination of systems

3) Compound growth

4) Compensation model

5) Culture

That was all aligned with what he has tried to do his entire career and now found the perfect home to have the vehicle for delivery.

In his career, he understood that the power of relationships was the greatest gift for him. Everyone has a story, and when you deliver great service to someone, they become your best form of advertising because they continue to tell your story.

As an immigrant from Venezuela, his passion and drive for success is imminent but not so much for himself but the community as a whole. He is passionate to educate and elevate the Hispanic community, which is amazingly admirable.

When I asked him what the current chapter in his book of life would be called, he simply said "Joy".

Thank you, Orlando, for sharing so much of your story.

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