• Michael Valdes

Randall Miles “One of my greatest lessons was learning to listen.”

When I had finished negotiating my contract with eXp Realty, literally within 3 minutes, I received a text from Randall Miles that said, "Congratulations. Don't f**K it up!". That summed up the various sides of this very complex man. When I was doing my due diligence, he and I had numerous phone calls and one face to face meeting and, I have never met someone with as much business knowledge as he possessed, yet he was also one of the most humble men I have ever met. That is a difficult balancing act to accomplish. His sense of humor is also something that I have come to admire as well because it's done on a very intellectual level.

As a Board Member and Vice-Chairman of the eXp Board, he is one of the most involved board members I have ever met. Coming from a background of spending a quarter of a century at two very large corporate entities, I would be hard-pressed to name any board member, let alone be able to get them on the phone. It speaks volumes not just to the person involved but also to a greater organization.

Throughout the podcast, we speak about his views of the industry post-COVID in residential, commercial, and retail markets and how technology will continue to play a role in our industry as well as many others. However, the points of the interview, which were most of interest to me were his introspective nature. "We can't be good at what we do unless we know the consequence of our words for the other party." he counsels. "We must be willing to listen and learn."

Randall shares a wonderful story of being a young VP in his investment bank and having to pick up his boss for a large meeting with 100 bank CEOs. As he arrived at his boss's home, he was too ill to travel, handed him the presentation, and told him he had to deliver it. As he was on the plane, he realized that he had prepared the majority of the presentation and knew the material better than most of his audience, so he decided to embrace the situation and "own" it. Needless to say, it went flawlessly and was his fast-track to managing director and onward. That was the catalyst for his 3 lessons to everyone:

1) Understand the opportunity when it arrives... and cease it!

2) Own it! -- find solutions rather than complain about the problem.

3) Pay it forward.

He has been a big proponent of the last one as well. He and his family are very philanthropic and very discreet about it, but I feel it's important to celebrate the good someone does for others as well. Randall was the former Chairman of the Board of the "Make A Wish" Foundation and we all know the good work they do around the world They are also very heavily involved with Alzheimer's Research because his mother in law passed away from it and I shared the same interest as my mother succumbed to the same illness.

Lastly, his question of legacy was simple:

"I want to know that my contributions made a difference.", he explains, "That I did the right thing, the right way for the right reason."

From my humble view, this man has already achieved this. It was truly an honor to spend time with Randall on this podcast and get to know him better.


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