• Michael Valdes

Richard Pérez-Feria, Award-winning Editor in Chief: "Create A Third Rail".

About 15 years ago, Richard Perez-Feria and his partner were moving back to Miami, but their home wasn't quite ready yet. I was living on Palm Island at the time. They moved into my house for a month while they were getting settled. One night, I decided to throw a dinner party in their honor, and Richard asked if he could invite "a few people". Of course, I said yes, and to my surprise, three of the top superstars in the Latin entertainment world that sell out arenas were at my front door. They were incredibly gracious, but it spoke volumes about Richard. These artists usually travel with security, and they showed up at a stranger's home because of this particular individual. Once you know RPF, he's your family. We have been friends for over two decades.

When you look at his resume, it's almost unbelievable. He was Editor in Chief of People en Espanol when we first met, which was at the time arguably the most important Hispanic publication. He went on to have EIC roles at OUT and Vegas magazines just to highlight a couple. He also recently served as Editor in Chief of Elliman Magazine, which he elevated into an award-winning publication. He brought glamour to the real estate publishing world.

"Understand what your audience cares about.", he advises. "Listen carefully to them as they can be extremely loyal. When we transfer that sage advice to the real estate world, it's something every real estate professional needs to remember.

In helping guide superstar agents such as Frederick Eklund and Luis Ortiz, he always reminded them of remembering their "Why". It's a question that should be asked whether you are at the top of your career or just starting out.

His three pieces of advice were not the usual response but very important words:

1) Don't lie.

2) Never ask someone where they're from, ask them where they're going.

3) Stick to your guns.

The effort you put into your career will be the direct result you achieve. "Full time focus = full time results; part-time focus = part-time results".

Richard has learned many lessons, and he shared a lot of advice in our conversation, but one of my favorites was his saying:

"Live your life with your hand up, and your head held high.", he continues "I'd rather be spectacularly wrong than mostly right.".

I couldn't have said it better, my dear friend.


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