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Rodolfo Delgado, CEO Of Replay Listings: "Reach Out Shamelessly".

I see a lot of myself in Rodolfo Delgado. His ambition and drive are reminiscent of what I remember me doing at his age. He comes from a real estate family in Monterrey, Mexico, and it was in his blood. His grandfather was a real estate broker, and he started unlocking doors and showing properties as a young teenager. He followed a slightly different path at first: studying architecture for his love of the edifices, and things being built from scratch. But it wasn't long before the brokerage side called him back.

Rodolfo moved to New York to attend NYU and continue his studies, where he ultimately received a Masters's in technology. Simultaneously, Rodolfo joined an elite real estate team, where he was handling the majority of their technology needs. He also focused on rentals for those coming into Manhattan, which was a high-demand part of the duties. Where most people would not want to get involved with rentals, he understood that this group ultimately became your buyers. He also saw how disappointed people became when they would see the professionally shot photographs, but when you went to see it in person, the property was not quite what was being represented.

Replay Listings became a reality based on that challenge. Rodolfo and his business partner decided to join forces and create a platform where realtors can upload a raw video from their phones to show what the "true" condition of the property is. It helps consumers weed out what was not for them and increases business and the overall customer experience.

When I asked him his three pieces of advice for someone entering the business today, his humility rings true:

1) Reach out shamelessly -- learn from those that have done this before you.

2) Don't do it alone -- You just can't.

3) Be proactive, not reactive -- make sure you do enough of your homework so that you stay ahead of the curve.

He says that "culture starts at the top" and this nominee of Forbes "30 under 30" is focused on the future growth of his company.

He is someone to keep an eye on.

Thanks, Rodolfo, for the conversation.

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