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Sharon Lechter, Speaker, Bestselling Author, Business Strategist & Mentor:"Stand In Your Power"

I met Sharon Lechter last month in Miami at the Grant Cardone 10x conference, and fortuitously we were seated together in the same row and struck up conversations. We later saw ourselves at all the social gatherings together. This lady is a legend in the world of personal development and is a class act on top of it all.

As an author having sold over 30 million books, her humility is disarming. She lives by the mantra of "Have you added value to someone's life today?" which she was taught by her parents at an early age. Sharon was the CEO of the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" corporation for over a decade and helped millions of people become financially literate and achieve freedom in their lives. She later spent another 8 1/2 years with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. There is no one else that has this level of experience on the personal development stage.

If that wasn't enough, Sharon was also an advisor to two Presidents. President Bush appointed her to the "President's Council on Financial Literacy" and President Obama to the "President's Council on Financial Capability.".

One of the greatest gifts she learned for herself was the "Power of why not?" -- why not try something new? What's the worst that can happen. Better yet, what's the best that can happen? However, she says that the greatest lesson she ever learned in her career was to "Stand in your power.". Know what your worth is and don't let anyone devalue that.

She lost her son, William Eric, and when that occurred she said she turned inward in her grief and didn't want to work anymore. It was through celebrating his memory that she started the "Play Big Movement" -- which is exactly what the title eludes. It's a methodology of achieving your goals in life. Sharon and I shared a special moment in the podcast when I realized that her son's initials were "WE" and she was sharing this process with the world in a beautiful way to celebrate his memory.

When I asked about her philanthropic efforts and what moves her now, she said it's "living your legacy with every heart you touch" -- this woman is the real deal!

It was truly an honor to get to know Sharon Lechter in such a special way during this conversation.

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