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Stacey Onnen, President of US Operations for eXp Realty:

Stacey Onnen, President of US Operations for eXp Realty, started as an accountant for a construction company when she fell in love with real estate. She eventually got licensed and in less than 3 years decided to open up her brokerage when she made the "30 under 30" list. She eventually sold it to Keller Williams and then opened a CE school because she truly loves helping agents. It is in her blood.

When eXp called, and she had a chance to build the model on a national level, and it was a temptation she couldn't resist. The ability to have "knowledge sharing" on a global scale is exciting.

When asked for three pieces of advice for a new agent she says:

1) Remember you are running a business. Have a business plan, get a business coach. It's not a career until it's a business.

2) Database !!!!

If you build a good database, the world is yours. Cultivate your sphere of influence.

3) Become indispensable. Be the "go-to" for someone. Take everything on. Be their concierge.

When we turn to motivation, her key mantra is open communication. "Am I giving you enough support without hindering your creative growth?" is what she regularly asks her team. I know that if my staff is not empowered, the agents will not be served effectively. "Freedom to fail and fail without recourse" is a motto she holds close to her heart.

The greatest lesson she has learned is to stop being a perfectionist. Very introspectively she realizes that she allows a safe place for others to fail and explore but doesn't give herself the same courtesy.

When asked to define discipline: "Just get up and do it when it's the last thing you want to do."

Her passion comes across when she talks about eXp. "Here, no one is your competition.", she states: "The more you help others, the more business you will get". eXp is an environment where your neighbor does better, so do you.

Finally, when asked about what this chapter in her "Book of Life" is called, she smiles and says -- Happiness

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