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Tom Rossiter, CEO of RESAAS "Be Nice":

Tom Rossiter is the CEO of RESAAS, the world's largest real estate technology platform. He has learned a lot in the decade that he has spent with the company and seen a steady growth to its current platform of 500,00 agents and 160 countries.

Tom always brings a jovial spirit to the industry, and we have developed a nice friendship. He loves to help and has created mentorship sessions under his platform with industry leaders. When I asked him about the top 3 pieces of advice he would give someone entering the business today, he responded with the following:

1) Be The Expert -- make sure you are the most knowledgeable person in your area to serve the client the best

2) Be Nice -- "What you give comes back to you in spades" -- this has always been my motto. The more you give, the more you receive.

3) Have Car: Will Travel -- this is the idea that you should expand your network and let others know you are there and what your value is.

Tom also is concerned about the industry in a post COVID world. He has gotten extremely involved in helping to find a solution and has partnered with a company that is doing COVID testing kits that gives results in 8 minutes that is 98.9% accurate. It is available in 27 countries, and as of very recently the United States as well as the FDA just approved it. You can find these kits at

"This is a way to give peace of mind to everyone in the industry that we can continue our business safely.".

Tom is truly a leader in so many years, and I am grateful for the conversation.

By Michael

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